Given that we’re heading into December tomorrow, the countdown to Christmas is on! If you ask me, there’s no better way to countdown to Christmas than an advent calendar. However, much to people’s dismay, I’m not that big on chocolate so as you can guess, me getting a chocolate advent calendar does not exactly float my boat. Instead, I’ve been browsing for advent calendar’s that aren’t chocolate ones, and are reasonably affordable. Even though the beauty ones are incredible and any girl’s dream, they are so expensive! So since I’ve kinda done my research, I thought I’d share 5 non-chocolate advent calendars that appeal to me.


kikki.K Eraser Advent Calendar

Anyone who knows me will know that I am such a sucker for kikki.K and will literally purchase anything from there without any hesitation. Given how much I love both Christmas and kikki.K, I screamed of excitement when I found out that kikki.K was releasing an advent calendar! This advent calendar includes 25 different erasers.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… Who on earth needs 25 erasers??? I thought that too but the erasers are so cute, and it’s also Christmas so I told myself it was acceptable haha.

Tanya Burr Advent Calendar 9039044476958

Tanya Burr is one of my favourite YouTubers so naturally, I would love everything she brings out. From what I’ve seen, this is definitely one of the more affordable advent calendars, despite only being a 12 day one. I guess that means the treat is super worth it if you open the doors every second day, or it’s ok to get it a bit later given that you can start on the 13th of December! The packaging is so pretty and cute, which appeals to me further. I also love all of the names of the products, and there are so many glitter products, because let’s be real, what is Christmas without glitter and sparkles!?!?


The Body Shop Advent Calendar

This advent calendar by The Body Shop is more on the pricey side, but I do love The Body Shop so much so I couldn’t not include this! Besides, if you got every product individually, it would cost so much more, especially since The Body Shop’s products are kinda expensive. If you feel like treating yourself or a friend a wee bit more, they also have a deluxe calendar, which I love even more (totally not because it’s pink or anything)!

Lush 12 Days of Christmas

Similarly to The Body Shop, I love Lush, especially since their products are animal cruelty free and they smell incredible. Not gonna lie, I could literally stay in Lush all day smelling their products (definitely not weird at all…). Furthermore, I love how they let you see how the bath bombs explode in store so you can actually decide if you want it or not! In this advent calendar, there is a range of bath bombs so although it’s not the most practical one for me living on campus, it’s still such a good one to have! Like Tanya’s, it’s a 12 day one so you can get it later in December and it’s all good!

Bluebird Tea Advent Calendaradvent_calendar_of_tea

I love drinking tea, so how appropriate is a tea advent calendar!? If you’re someone who buys one box of tea and likes to finish it before buying a new box, then maybe having the same tea everyday can get a little boring? Therefore having this advent calendar would be right up your alley because you get a different tea flavour each day! It also means that you can try a range of different flavours, and later invest in the ones you like!

I hope this helped anyone who was looking for non-chocolate advent calendars. Do enjoy counting down to Christmas because if you’re anything like me, it’s the best time of the year!




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