Royal Melbourne Show

20160924_181226.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I went to the Royal Melbourne Show. Now, as someone who isn’t from Melbourne, I always hear all this hype about it and so I said to myself, “surely I have to go!” This was basically my first experience in Melbourne where I was like, “wow, the population of Melbourne is actually insane.” You could barely move as you came in. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve never had this experience in NZ, it’s just that there’s nowhere near as many people! But all was good when we moved ourselves away from the entrance!

As you walk through the Royal Melbourne Show, you see all the kids eagerly waiting to go on the rides. Now, I would be exactly the same if I wasn’t scared of heights!! So naturally, that meant that I was the designated bag holder, which I do prefer over going on a crazy rollercoaster! Not gonna lie, I did question the price of the rides. I mean, paying $10/$15 was alright, but some rides were $20 and I was kinda like ????? But I suppose it’s a good business strategy given that kids would want to go on the rides regardless.

There were also heaps of carnival games, and my friend won a massive soft toy through a scratchy-type game. Basically you paid $2 for a scratchy and had to see whether at least one of the numbers you had matched a number on the board. My friend won it on her first go, so lucky hScreen Shot 2016-09-30 at 8.41.06 AM.pnger!! It’s quite funny though because while we were walking through the game stalls and saw what prizes were available, I told her which toy freaked me out. Funnily enough, that’s the one she went with… What’s even more funny though, was the fact that we went out for dinner afterwards. So there she was, hauling her basically life-sized toy around on the bus and into restaurants. I could feel people staring but it was actually hilarious. And also, how often is one going to win a life sized toy in one try!?!? In saying this, I felt bad though cause our other friends tried to win prizes through the basketball games and scratchies so many times, but unfortunately had no luck.

Going to the Royal Melbourne Show also made me feel just at home. The amount of farm animals there reminded me of the places I’d usually go running at home, and it was really nice. Although I feel like because I am from NZ, I don’t understand the buzz of farm animal attractions. I suppose given that I see them everywhere (there’s 7 sheep from every human in NZ!), it’s not that exciting after all.


However, the most exciting thing was when we stumbled across the Masterchef building. Now if you know me, you know that I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking, and I love watching Masterchef. We literally had no idea that the showgrounds was so close to the Masterchef building, and they were using the Masterchef building for food stalls! How appropriate hey! My friends were basically like “we’ve never seen you this excited before,” so yeah, it was quite the experience to see it in reality!

Going to the Royal Melbourne Show was so much fun, so I’d definitely recommend going if you’re around Melbourne in late September!




What do you want to be in the future?


So here I am, asking the age-old question, what do you want to be when you grow up? Everywhere I go, people are still telling me, “it’s ok to be unsure, you still have time.” And yes, that probably is true because I’m still at the end of my teens. However, it feels intimidating and uncomfortable when you feel like everyone around you knows what they want to do, or have some sort of plan for their future.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I literally have no idea. I’m at uni, so I suppose my chosen degree will dictate, to an extent, the field that I go down (unless of course I don’t end up using my degree in the future, which of course, happens in reality). In addition to that, I do have a few ideas of what I want to do. However, you’re always faced with the conflict, do I go down a field which can guarantee me good job opportunities and I have some degree of interest in it? Or do I go down a field where I am involved with things I thoroughly enjoy, but the job opportunities are average?

The other night, I went to a faculty industry night and basically their advice was, in order for you to advance well into a career, you must have the passion for what you are doing, and you must build relationships, i.e. networking. This turns me to a new question, where do you find your passion? I definitely do have my passions, but how can I find a job out of it? When people say that you should find a job you’re passionate about, it leads me to ask, do you just happen to come across such a passion? How are you actually supposed to find it or is it just pure luck?

Now when it comes to building relationships, I can understand the importance of having a good group of friends around you, and I’m very lucky to say that I do have such friends. However, how do you find a network in a related field? See for me, I hope that my next steps are to volunteer at places which are relevant to fields I am interested in, and I hope to build relationships with people there because after all, they all say, “it’s not about what you know but who you know.”