Awkward Encounters

So I’ve spent a good half of the year moving to a new city on my own and settling in. Because so many things are different and new to me, I’ve both experienced and witnessed some very awkward encounters. I thought it’d be funny to share them with you, which will also help to keep my blog light-hearted.

1. My friends and I were getting a smoothie from Boost. As expected, the staff would greet us and ask how we were. Naturally as humans, we want to make a good impression when we first meet someone, and so a way to do this is to plan what you’re going to say in your head (even if they are just asking how you are). However, rather than saying “good, thanks” like most people would, my friend simply said “thanks.” The staff member was obviously thinking, “uhhhh…. what?” but out of politeness, she didn’t say anything. As soon as we finished ordering, we bolted out of the store and bursted out laughing hysterically. As you can guess, my friend will never live it down.

2. These days, it’s extremely common for staff members to ask for your name when you’re ordering food so that they can give you your order once it’s ready. Now, I have a friend whose name is somewhat uncommon, but is extremely simple to pronounce, i.e. she has a Western name, I live in Australia, and her name is basically pronounced the way it is spelt. However, when the staff member wrote her name, I think he may have just scribbled something random down. By the time her order was ready, the staff member shouted something completely different to what my friend’s name was, and despite knowing it was her order, we all questioned him and what he’d actually written as her name…

3. This next awkward encounter happens all the time and I never know how to get around it. Now, I am someone with an exceptionally bad memory. Although I know that I can NEVER remember names, I tend to think that I’m somewhat alright with remembering faces. However, it turns out that my lab partner this week was someone I had a class with last semester. When I introduced myself to him and asked him what his name was, he was basically like, “oh I know, we had a class together last sem”. That was honestly so awkward because he remembered me and I literally had no recognition of who he was…

I’m not gonna lie, I always get myself into awkward situations, but those are the ones that I remember the most vividly. I hope that at least one of these will relate to you, otherwise I’ll just conclude that my friends and I are very awkward people.




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