July Favourites 2016

I can’t believe another month has gone by already! We’re already one month down in the second half of the year! So in typical blogger fashion, I thought I’d share my July favourites with you.

Against the Current – In Our Bones 


Against the Current is one of my favourite bands and so as you can imagine, I was super stoked when they released their album, In Our Bones. Very rarely will I come across an album where I thoroughly enjoy every song. However, this album is absolutely amazing. I thought I’d be sick of it by now after having it on repeat for this entire month, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I love the range of tracks on the album, going from a slower jam, such as Brighter, to a much more upbeat song, such as Runaway. Therefore this album is fantastic to listen to, despite whatever mood you are in. Although I love all the songs on the album, my favourite track would be In Our Bones.

Nature Valley Oats & Honey Bars

b001e6iumy_1-51_crunchyvarietypack2I’ve never really been a fan of muesli bars/oat bars (that sort of thing), but I think I’ve found the one I love! These Nature Valley Oats & Honey bars come in packs of two, and they are so delicious. Usually muesli bars are chewy, which is the main reason I don’t like them. However, these bars have a good crunch to them when you bite into them, and they’re not too sweet! I love that you can also taste the oats in it, because as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a sucker for oats. If you’re not a fan of oats or honey, they also have a range of other flavours so do give them a try!

20160713_171049.jpgCollared Skater Dress

Lately I’m really been digging clothes with the cute Peter Pan collars. For ages, I’ve wanted to start a collection of these clothes. This dress was the first addition, and I absolutely love it! I love skater dresses because they’re so flow-y, and easy to move around in. Although it’s currently winter in Australia, this dress is warm enough that you can just wear it with a cute cardigan! The dress was also on sale when I got it so what a bonus!

Cha20160713_200951.jpgi Latte

So I’ve never really been a coffee person, but I have always loved cinnamon. So I thought I’d give a chai latte a try, and I may or may not have been sucked into the world of coffee. I love the smell of the chai latte, especially since you can’t smell the actual coffee flavour (unpopular opinion). Everything about a chai latte just pleases me so much so if you are like me, and you don’t like coffee, this might just change your mind!! 


So those were a few of my favourite things this month. Sorry that a lot of it was to do with food/drinks, but do give them a try if you think you’ll like them!





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