Student Life Hacks

Having only started university this year, there were bound to be things I was unaware of. However, as the semester progressed, I became aware of a couple of tips and tricks which made student life just that wee bit easier, especially considering how big of a change it was going from living at home to living by myself. So I thought in today’s post, I’d share a couple of these student life hacks so that if you are a uni student yourself, you can prepare for next semester.

1) Bulk Cooking


Despite being a somewhat independent person at home, moving out was quite a drastic change. This is because at home, if you weren’t feeling up to it, you always had your parents who would do things for you. However, when you’re living by yourself, you have to do things for yourself or else it won’t be done at all.

One of the things that take up the most time is making meals. So if you’ve got lots to study that night or exams are coming up, naturally, you want to spend the majority of your time studying. However, you also want to make sure you’re staying healthy and spending only what you have to, so eating out wouldn’t be the most ideal choice.

In the first couple of weeks of semester, I only cooked enough for one meal because at home, I rarely had leftovers. However, that made me realise how much time I was spending each day on cooking. As you can imagine, this would be quite the problem given how long brown rice takes to cook, which is something I have frequently. So I finally came to the realisation, ‘hey, why not make a heap in one day and just put it in the freezer so that it is still somewhat fresh?’ Therefore from that day, I learnt to make bulk quantities of food and then I’d just freeze them. That way I would already have meals prepared for the next few days, allowing me to spend more time on other things.


2) Cash Out

Everyone knows that being a student means you’re poor. So as tempting as shopping sounds and having the freedom to go out as often as you want, your bank account won’t always be feeling up for it.

What I find to be the biggest problem is that when you’re out carrying around your card, you have all of the money in your account to spend. Even if you know you shouldn’t be spending so much, you still have the tendency to spend more than you need because with a card, you can. So by taking cash out, you can tell yourself, ‘ok, this week I’m going to be spending $x,’ and if you run out of cash… Well, I suppose that’s just tough luck, but it encourages you to spend a lot more wisely!

3) Post-It Notes and Highlighters


Studying is not exactly the most eventful thing to do, but in order for us to do well, we don’t really have a choice when it comes to studying. So to make studying a little less boring, I find that colour really does help.

I find it nice to colour co-ordinate your notes. So perhaps have titles in one colour, sub-titles in another colour, and then your actual notes in another colour. If you’re someone who takes a subject where you’re required to memorise equations, I like to write my equations in a separate colour so that they stand out. Also, by using different colours, when you’re in an exam, you can kind of remember what colour different parts of your notes were and that may help you in framing your exam answer.

Another fantastic source of colour are highlighters. There’s always that one kid who has practically every highlighter colour you can think of, and yes, you guessed it, I’m that kid. This is because again, highlighters help a great deal if you want to colour co-ordinate and they make your notes so much more appealing.

Lastly, post-it notes. They are quite possibly the best invention ever when it comes to studying. If you know you’re struggling in one area of a unit, or you need to bookmark a page in a textbook, post-it notes are all you need as they allow you to easily flick to a specific page. Also, if you have an exam that is open-book, you will struggle to find time to go through all your notes in the exam. Therefore, if you’ve already used post-it notes, all the key pages you need have been bookmarked and so you can easily turn to that page.

So I hope these tips help you for the upcoming semester. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and be ready to start the new semester off well!




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