June Favourites

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to the end of the month because I’m excited to see what YouTubers and other bloggers have been loving during the month. For me, I think it’s a brilliant way to discover new entertainment and products, and so I thought I’d join the club and share a few of my favourite things of the month.

Essano Rosehip Moisturiser
I have been through a lot of face moisturisers during my time and I think I have finally found the perfect one for me. I have normal skin, but it is sensitive so I do struggle to find a moisturiser which won’t cause me to feel uncomfortable or itchy. The Essano moisturiser is the perfect consistency and it’s not too thick or thin either, thus it is easy to smooth all over your face.
A bonus is that it is affordable, organic and produced in NZ, so you can’t not support your homegrown products!


Muji Pens
Not gonna lie, I could dedicate a whole post to Muji but I think I’ll just settle with the pens being featured on this June favourites for the time being. If I’m being honest, I was initially very reluctant to shop at Muji because I am one of those people who are fully dedicated to Kikki K, and will basically only get my stationery from there. However, at the same time, I am also someone who will only use fine tip pens to write because I just think they make your handwriting look so much prettier and neater. My friend told me about how Muji sold really fine tip pens, so as you can imagine, I was super keen to try them out.
They are so easy to write with as they flow so nicely as you move your hand across the page. The only con I’d say is that they are quite inky, so they do show through if you write on the back of a thin piece of paper. Perhaps avoid writing on the back of the page unless you’re using a thick piece of paper. Otherwise if you’re like me and love fine tip pens, go grab a couple from Muji! They’re really cheap too and you can also get ink refills, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy a whole new pen when the ink runs out!



Forever Ends Here Jumper
I couldn’t help myself and had to put this in. If you read my about page, you’d already know that Forever Ends Here is my favourite band. Well at the end of last month, I went to a gig of theirs and also bought their jumper. I am a huge fan of crewnecks, and it is one of the most comfortable jumpers I own. It fits perfectly, especially since I do like my jumpers a little baggy so that they’re really comfy and easy to slip on and off. The thickness of the jumper is also fantastic as it is great for winter with say, a thermal underneath. And what’s not to love about a new piece of merch from your favourite band!?

With Confidence – Better Weather
In terms of music, the first album I loved this month (even though it only came out in the middle of the month) is Better Weather by With Confidence. For those of you who don’t know, With Confidence is a band from Sydney, Australia, who recently signed with Hopeless Records. How great is that for a little Aussie band!?
Anyway, they released their debut album under Hopeless Records and I’ve had it on repeat since! Very rarely will I like every song on an album, but it’s safe to say that I do love all the tracks on Better Weather! So do support a local band and follow them as they move onto bigger and better things!


So those have been a couple of my favourite things this month. Sorry for the lack of items featured. It was the exam period this month so I didn’t get that much time to explore new things but hopefully I will get to next month.

As we say goodbye to June, I hope it was a good month for you. If not, we’re saying hello to July very shortly so stay in there and keep on smiling.




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