Beginner Recipes For Each Meal

Despite already having cooked at home, moving out meant that I had to cook for myself a lot more often. This drove me to try out all sorts of recipes for different meal times, and so I thought it’d be nice for me to do a blog post showing you my simplest breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes which are fantastic for people who are just starting to find their way round the kitchen.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I absolutely love oats. People often think that healthy food isn’t usually that tasty, but given that you can add whatever you please with your oats, oatmeal is definitely something that is delicious!

Oatmeal is honestly the easiest and fastest thing to make in the morning, and I will share the simplest method with you.
1) Add your desired amount of oats into a microwavable bowl (I usually do 1/3 – 1/2 cup).
2) Pour twice the amount of liquid into the bowl. You can use water, milk or a mix of both. I generally use water because I like to have my oats with milk, so this is entirely up to you. Also, if you like your oats more liquidy, I would add a bit more liquid.
3) Put your bowl into the microwave for around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I use rolled oats so it’s usually done in that time. However, quick oats will take less time while steel cut oats will take a wee bit longer (it’s fairly easy to judge for yourself).
4) Take the bowl out of the microwave and add your desired toppings. You can add fruit, nuts, spices (I like to use cinnamon), yogurt, milk… Well basically anything you want to put in it really!



As a student, I always need something quick and easy to make for in between classes. I suppose most people would opt for a sandwich, but I’m not much of a bread person unless it’s toast. So what I like to do is make a really basic pasta salad type dish, which is nice and filling, and you can take it on the go in a container!

Rather than typing out what I do in a stepwise fashion, I thought I’d just write it as a paragraph because I feel like pasta is something anyone can make as it is so easy and versatile. Firstly, cook your dry pasta as directed on the packaging. I prefer using wholemeal pasta because it generally has more fibre and protein than your regular pasta. Also, I find that wholemeal pasta has more texture as you bite into it and so I think it’s nicer to eat. The only con about this is that wholemeal pasta does take longer to cook.
Once your pasta is finished, drain the hot water and then pour cold water over it to minimise the starch content. You will then take your pasta out of the pot and transfer it into a bowl. What I will then do is cook my protein and veges in a pan. The good thing about this is that you can choose whatever veges and protein you want because as I said before, you can basically put anything with pasta. Once they are cooked, add the pasta to the pan, along with any seasoning or sauce you want. I like to add herbs with my pasta, and when avocados are in season, I will often add half an avocado to make my pasta creamier and more delicious! However, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, you can also just add salad leaves to your pasta to satisfy your 5+ a day.



Burrito Bowl
Again, as a student, we don’t always have the most time. So a burrito bowl is another fantastic meal to make where you can just add whatever you want to it, and it’s super healthy and delicious! It’s also very easy to make because you can just use canned beans so even if you don’t have much time to cook dried beans, you can still have a burrito bowl! Considering how many burrito bowl recipes I’ve tried in my time, what I thought I’d do is just share three of my favourites. They are all fairly similar but some are simpler than others.

Oh She Glows:


Iowa Girl Eats:

So there we have it! Those are my favourite simple meals to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do give them a try and I hope you find them as good as I do!




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